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How To Unblock Pipes

When it comes to unblocking sinks and drains, it's pretty easy and almost anyone can deal with minor blockages. However many people struggle with unblocking pipes because while it's pretty easy to diagnose a flooded sink, it's not so easy to figure out just where exactly the problem lies. When looking at how to unblock pipes, the fact is our home is filled with them! Hopefully this quick guide will help you track down blockages and give you some tips about how to unblock pipes efficiently.

When dealing with any blockage, the first thing to be aware of before you start trying how to unblock pipes is to look at potential locations for a blockage. In the bathroom, there's the bath, toilet, and sink. The bath and toilet are connected to a shared wastepipe, and the toilet is connected to a separate sewage pipe. Then the rest of the pipes in the property usually all connect to the same wastewater pipe that takes water outside your property.

Being able to locate the problem is a case of testing the pipes to help you isolate the problem. For example if your baths blocked yet your sink drains, you have a problem with the bathtub. If the bath and the sink are not draining, then you have a problem with the bathroom wastewater pipe. In this case, then you can check the kitchen, and if the kitchen drains, definitely a problem isolated to the bathroom, and it's time to call the plumber!

When it comes to looking at how to unblock pipes one of the best ways is to try hot water. Boiling water is great at dislodging blockages of soap, fat and grease which can accumulate throughout the household and if you have a blocked pipe, this is one of the best ways how to unblock pipes without having to resort to calling the plumber, sometimes foaming drain cleaner can also be effective but it's important to follow the directions.

Typically, the only pipes that you can unblock physically are the wastewater pipes outside your property. This involves using drain rods to forcibly push blockages out of the system. When it comes the way how to unblock pipes such as this is to first find out where the blockage lies. It's a simple case of lifting up the drain covers and finding the segment that's flooded. Then using the drain rods, you'll slowly force them down the pipe to clear the problem.

Ultimately one of the best ways how to unblock pipes is to ensure that you're careful with what goes down them. If you're having problems regularly pouring boiling water down the sink is a great way to keep things clear. It's also a good idea to ensure that sinks and drains are cleaned thoroughly as if not debris can end up blocked. The best way how to unblock pipes in many cases is to call a plumber because if the problem doesn't exist in or around the drain / sink or toilet, it's something that's going to need expert help.

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