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Unblocking Drains FAQs

Nowadays when people have drainage problems the first place they look for information is on the internet. Websites and search engines are great resource for help. Here are a few unblocking drains FAQ:

How Do I Tell If My Drain Is Blocked?
This is one of the most popular unblocking drains FAQ`s. There are a number of ways to tell if you have a blocked drain. One would be if there was any standing water in the sink or basin, this would mean that there is something obstructing the water from draining. If the toilet no longer flushes away any waste this could be an indicator of blocked drains. Exterior manhole covers overflowing can be due to blockage, another way to tell is if there are any bad smells coming from the drain.

Why Do Drains Become Blocked?
Drains can become blocked for numerous reasons; it is usually caused by large objects becoming lodged in the pipe or a build-up of certain things. In the bathroom or shower, plugholes can become clogged up with hair; if the hair is not cleared away it will clump up in the drain pipe and cause blockage. Grease and fats poured in to drains can cause obstruction, they can turn solid in the pipe and cling to the sides caused a build-up and then a blockage. Flushing nappies or sanitary items down the toilet may also cause the drain to become blocked as can excessive amounts of toilet paper.

Can I Prevent Drains Blocking?
This is another popular unblocking drains FAQ`s, the answer is yes. There are certain steps you can take to help keep drain pipes running clear. The first would be to regularly flush hot water and disinfectant down the drains, this can keep them clean and free and dirt. Removing hair from the plughole after you have bathed or showered can be a huge help, not flushing large items down the toilet is another good way. Refrain from putting fats and oils down the drain to prevent build up, also checking rain water pipes around twice a year to remove any stones or moss that may cause blockage will help to keep your drainage system running well.

Can I Remove A Blockage Myself?
One of unblocking drains FAQ`s that people what to know the answer to is `can I remove a blockage?' If the blockage is in the home, which most of them are then most are easily removed with tools that can be purchased at hardware stores. If you have any baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice in the home then they can be mixed to form a good drain unblocking formula. Tools such as plungers drain rods, water injectors and aerosols are widely available.

Can I Use Chemicals?
Another common unblocking drains FAQ is this one. Yes, chemicals such drain cleaners can be used to remove blockages, they are poured into the drain a left to work and then flushed away with hot water leaving clear drains.

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