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How To Unblock a Drain

Usually blocked drains are the result of a build-up of waste that simply refuses to wash away. In most cases, blocked drains can be dealt with quickly and effectively simply by using a couple of tools which with as little as 10 minutes work can see water once again flowing freely. When looking how to unblock a drain there's typically just one specialist tool that's required and that's a set of drain rods. These rods are essentially used to clear any obstruction that exists.

Looking at how to unblock a drain, the first and most important thing to do is to locate the problem. First check to make sure that your whole home is affected to make sure that it is a blocked waste pipe and not just a blocked sink. The waste pipe is the pipe that all your drains connect to and it's what carries your waste water into the sewage system.

When you're dealing with a blocked waste pipe, when looking at how to unblock a drain, first you'll need to inspect the drain nearest the property. Look for the drain cover and lift it up. If it's flooded, the problem exists within your home. If it's empty, slowly work down towards the mains sewer. Once you've found the blockage, assemble the first two or three lengths of drain rods and using the plunger bit; start to insert them into the drain. Sadly the secret of how to unblock a drain is that it's a smelly and dirty job, so please wear appropriate protection i.e. gloves and old clothes.

The most important thing to remember about how to unblock a drain with drain rods is to ALWAYS rotate clockwise! If you rotate anti clockwise, your tool will come to pieces within the drain. Following this advice, keep working down the drain until you encounter resistance adding sections of drain rod as you need them.

Once you encounter the blockage, start thrusting with the tools in an attempt to clear it. Another important thing to learn about how to unblock a drain is that often you'll need to use both attachments. If this is the case remove the drain rods and instead of the plunger attachment use the corkscrew. Re-insert and try to unblock. Ideally you want to be twisting clockwise and bringing any debris back to the inspection point which you can remove.

Hopefully this time, you've been able to solve the problem, you'll soon notice when water starts flowing freely! One if the best tips regarding how to unblock a drain and keep it that way is to finish the job with lots of really hot water. Run all the hot taps in the house for five minutes to ensure there's lots of warm water helping to clear the remnants of the blockage. If everything's good, clean your tools with fresh water and relax knowing you've just saved the best part of 100! In the event that you can't figure how to unblock a drain that's being awkward, then it's time for the professional!

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