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Drain Clearance

Blocked drains are the bane of just about everyone. The truth is when we're stuck with a blocked drain, often the first thing we do is call the plumber in many cases while this is the only alternative, there are a number of situations that almost anyone can repair for themselves. The fact is that drain clearance while sometimes awkward, can be done by just about anyone.

Indeed, the only circumstances when a plumber is required are typically when you don't have access to a drain, or alternatively you don't have the tools. The good news is that 70% of time drain clearance typically involves clearing blocked toilets, and blocked sinks by simply servicing the U-bend. These tasks can be done with nothing more than a plunger and a wire coat hanger! Compared to paying 100 or more for a plumber, you can save an absolute fortune.

In the UK, there are many older properties that suffer from constant blockages thanks to the fact that they have older, metal pipes that just happened to be a great deal narrower than they should be. As a result merely flushing the toilet with paper can be a nightmare! In these cases, the best way to ensure you have drain clearance all the time is with regular flushes using hot water, followed by caustic soda which is great at dissolving build ups of dirt and the likes.

The wire coat hanger is an example of one of the best drain clearance tools available. It's cheap, and can adapt to almost any problem. Its bigger brother is a set of drain rods which are essentially sticks that screw together with a corkscrew or auger attachment on the end. Using these you can clear almost any external drain.

Between drain rods, coat hangers and plungers, there's not a lot you can't do when it comes to drain clearance. Perhaps the only additional tool you might want in your drain clearance toolkit will be fast acting liquid drain cleaner, as well as a powder-based foaming variety for the toughest of blockages. When using drain cleaner, you should find the blockage, and then simply follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Today plumbers charge a small fortune when it comes to drain clearance because it can be a thankless task that really is unpleasant. The fact is that drain clearance is nowhere near as complicated as you'd think and it's only in the extreme cases when you need help from a plumber. Such circumstances would include when the drain is physically damaged due to construction, it's blocked with something that just won't dislodge, or perhaps the drain has cracked due to cold weather.

Regardless of what you need, most drain clearance can be performed at home by anyone. The only pre requisites are having appropriate protective gear such as industrial rubber gloves and not being afraid of a little dirt. Drain clearance isn't pretty, but by doing it yourself, you'll save a small fortune when compared to hiring a professional.

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