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Unblocking Drains

When it comes to unblocking drains many people fear that it could be a big job that must be undertaken by professionals. Of course in some cases this is true, especially for exterior manholes and drains. Climbing down into a manhole can be extremely dangerous; they can contain gasses and contaminated water that can be harmful to anyone who is untrained. A lot of domestic drainage problems around the home can be solved with items that can be purchased in hardware stores.

Tools for the Job

There are plenty of different tools out there to help in unblocking drains, most of these can be picked up at a little cost and be extremely effective. It is worth trying to unblock any drainage problem with hot water before you pay for any tools, sometimes this is enough to break down anything that is causing obstruction.

If you have any baking soda and vinegar (lemon juice can always be used in place of vinegar) you can use these items together for unblocking drains. Hardware is always going to be the best option when it comes to tough blockages. Here is list of tools that can be purchased for unblocking drains.
  • Plunger- Just a regular wooden handled plunger.
  • Power Plunger- Does same job as the plunger but works by pumping up and release pressure making it more powerful.
  • Drain Rods- Flexible rods for poking and prodding around inside pipes.
  • Water Injectors- Pumped up with water and then fired to release high pressured water into drain.
  • Aerosols- Blasts air or liquid into pipe.


There are a range of chemicals available for unblocking drains, they are useful in removing most blockages and require little labour. Chemicals are simply poured in to the obstructed drain and left to work for a period of time, after the time has elapsed (it will tell you on the packaging how long it should be left) simply flush away with hot water. Caustic Soda can also be used when mixed with water.

Anyone using chemicals to remove blockages should be aware of the possible risks; chemicals contain harmful ingredients that when in contact with skin or eyes can be extremely dangerous, causing rashes or even burning. All instructions on labelling must be followed, protective clothing must be worn and chemicals should be kept away from children.

Professional Help

If all the available methods have been tried and still the drain can`t be cleared, there are plenty of companies out there that specialise in unblocking drains both domestic and commercial. They can use equipment such as drain jetting which uses high pressure jet sprayers to remove blockages. They can also repair and replace any pipes that have become damaged by the blockage. Companies are also helpful if you have an emergency such as flooding as many of them operate 24/7 emergency call out services.

To find a drainage company in your area internet search engines can be helpful as many firms have websites outlining what kind of work they do.

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