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Unblocking Drains Caustic Soda

When looking for methods for unblocking drains, caustic soda can be a useful product; it can be picked up a reasonable price and in many cases work better than expensive alternatives.

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is a strong chemical that is used in numerous manufacturing industries; in industry it is referred by its chemical name Sodium Hydroxide and found in:
  • Paper
  • Drinking Water
  • Textiles
  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Paint Stripper
Caustic Soda is made to react to moisture in the air by absorbing it; this means that it is required to be kept in air tight containers at all times.

The chemicals in Sodium Hydroxide mean that is extremely useful for unblocking drains, caustic soda has the ability to break down grease, fats, oils and hair.

Safety when using caustic soda

Although excellent at unblocking drains, caustic soda must be handled with extreme care. It wise not to have it around the house unless needed and must be kept safely away from children. As with any chemicals, when using caustic soda protective clothing should be worn, rubber gloves, safety goggles and masks should all be used due to the danger of splashing on skin and causing rashes or burns.

Unblocking drains

When purchased as a product for unblocking drains, caustic soda can come in a liquid or gel or as granules. The liquid form is easier to use in a physical sense but maybe more expensive. Once you discovered where the blockage is located, the caustic soda is simply poured in to the pipe. It is then left for around 20 minutes to give it time to breakdown anything causing the blockage. After this time the caustic soda should have dissolved any obstruction and is then flushed away with hot water.

Caustic Soda in granule form is required to be mixed with water to create a liquid that can be poured in to the drain. 1.25 litres of cold water (must be cold water) is poured in to a bucket, once this is done the caustic soda is added and then mixed using a suitable mixing paddle, it will need to be mixed until the soda has completely dissolved. When the formula is ready it can be poured in to the drain and once again left to work for 20 minutes and flushed away.

Caustic soda can also be used from time to time to prevent blockages as it contains cleaning properties as-well the ability to breakdown, using it a few times a year will keep your drains clear.

Where to buy Caustic Soda

Many hardware stores stock products and tools for unblocking drains, caustic soda will also be available alongside these items, usually in the drain cleaning liquid form. Cleaning supplies shops will also stock it as do stores like Boots. The internet is recommended as the easy place to purchase the caustic soda you need, more and more stores have websites that can easily be found online. The internet can also be a cheaper option, than some shops.

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