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Chemicals to Unblock Drains

Blocked drains are no longer the problem they once were, thanks to numerous tools and methods to remove even the most stubborn blockages. Using chemicals to unblock drains is an easy way to do things as it involves little work from the user other than actually pouring the product down the drain.

One Shot

One Shot drain cleaner is a powerful drain un-blocker that works to unblock even the toughest obstructions. It gets to work instantly upon application and is powerful enough to dissolve rags, grease, paper towels and other items in minutes. One Shot works without causing harm to any drain pipes whether they are plastic, iron, steel, clay or lead.

Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle has a couple of chemicals to unblock drains widely available. The first is the `sink and drain foamer.' This is cleaning foam which is applied to the pipe that is blocked, whilst inside the pipe the foam will expand to fill pipe and breakdown anything causing blockage. It is left to work for one hour and then flushed away with hot water. The next is the `sink and drain gel' this is used in the same way as the foam in that it is poured down the drain, it is left to work for 15 minutes and then once again flushed away with hot water, leaving clear drains.

Jeyes Fluid

Jeyes Fluid is of the most recommended chemicals to unblock drains on the market. The problem is it isn`t widely available. If you do manage to get hold of some then this can clean and deodorise any blocked pipes, removing obstruction in the process. It is simply poured down the plug hole and left for 30 minutes; this should be long enough for it to do its work. After the 30 minutes is up use hot water to flush away.


Storm cleaner is a heavy duty drain cleaner. It is an industrial strength chemical to unblock drains, it works to unblock pipes and prevent any future blockages. Storm cleaner can remove any grease and fatty deposits that build up inside kitchen sink drains over time. The active gel formula clings to surfaces giving it unbeatable results, it is also solvent meaning no ventilation problems and is formulated the environment in mind.

Earth Enzymes

Earth Enzymes is a tough, eco-friendly drain cleaner. It uses a combination of bacteria and enzymes to break down any blockages including grease, food, hair and fat. It is friendly to vegans and is also cruelty free and suitable to be used for septic tanks. Safety

When using any chemical to unblock drains it is important to take precautions. Some chemicals can be extremely dangerous when contacted with skin or eyes and can cause rashes or even burning. Be sure to always follow instructions on packaging and wear suitable rubber or latex gloves, goggles and protective clothing when using. It also important to keep any chemical product away from the reach of children and also kept in the bottle in which it came.

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