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Blocked Sink

A blocked sink is an all too common occurrence and while it's something that happens to nearly everyone, the truth is that it's often an unwanted and unnecessary hindrance that really can be prevented. Indeed as we put more pressure on our drains and plumbing, the fact is many houses in the UK have outdated systems and drainage which means that it's all too easy to get a blocked sink thanks to just about anything.

One of the biggest reasons why blocked sinks happen is because of the fact that drain maintenance is something very few people actually carry out. The truth is that simply by ensuring hair and food doesn't get into the sink in the first place is one of the best preventions. Another way to stop a blocked sink in its tracks is to ensure that you use a drain cleaner regularly as it helps to dissolve build-ups of grease and fat which can accumulate in the drain beneath your sink.

Indeed, when it comes to solving the problem of a blocked sink, prevention really is the best way to avoid this rather unpleasant problem. However when it does happen, the good news is that a sink can be unblocked relatively quickly with little in the way of equipment. All you typically need is a probe which can be constructed from a wire coat hanger, a plunger, and some common tools such as a wrench.

The most important thing about a blocked sink is that in 90% of occasions blockages happen in the drain pipe between the sink and the U bend or P trap as its known. One of the quickest ways to unblock a sink is to scoop all the water out of the sink and into a bucket, place an empty bucket underneath the sink where the U bend is and then dismantle the P trap wearing rubber gloves.

Once you've dismantled the P trap you'll soon see just how clogged up your sink really is. The first thing to do is to take the P trap elsewhere and fully clean it. Once you've cleaned the P trap, it's time to clean the pipe that connects from the sink to the P trap. Be prepared for a shock because it's this part of the sink that's vulnerable to blockage. Using your probe, try your best to clear the drainpipe so it's fully unblocked. Once you've finished, re-attach the P trap and you've just unblocked your sink.

As you can see, the easiest way to deal with a blocked sink is also perhaps the dirtiest. The fact is that it's never been difficult to unblock a sink; it's just been a bit awkward. If you do however encounter more problems, then it's time to call a plumber, but with most sink blockages existing before the P trap, you've most probably just solved the problem.

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