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Drain Unblocker

Many people have to cope with a blocked drain regularly because over time all sorts of junk accumulates in the drain and even though a plunger may shift some of it, grease, and fat tends to stay and accumulate. This usually ends up with a blocked drain that needs expert help. One alternative to protect against severely blocked drains is to take advantage of drain unblocker which is essentially a mixture of chemicals which attacks almost anything in your drains. It's a great way to ensure that your drain is not just unblocked, but completely spotless.

There are many different types of drain unblocker but the best kinds tend to be the thick oily ones which come in a bottle. There are numerous brands available and while they all do the same thing, some really are better than others. The bad news about drain unblocker is that it can be quite expensive, but it's a worthwhile investment as calling a plumber can cost a small fortune!

Thick drain unblocker is great for minor blockages where there is some flow of water. If you've been bothered with a sink that takes ages to empty, then drain unblocker may very well do the job. If however you've got a totally blocked sink and nothing's happening, then one of the best types of drain unblocker to choose from are the newer foam based alternatives. These come in powder form, and to use them you'll first need to scoop out the water from your sink. Then you need to following the instructions and pouring the powder drain unblocker down there.

While drain unblocker can be really effective, if you're suffering from a severely blocked drain it may serve only to exacerbate the problem. As a result, if you're going to use an off the shelf drain unblocker, check to see whether or not the problem exists in the U bend or P trap first. 90% of blocked sinks happen because of an extreme build up of all sorts of stuff in the P trap which is under the sink. If you can't fix the blockage with a plunger, then get a bucket and try and clean out the P trap and drain pipe under the sink.

Finally, as a last resort, commercial drain unblocker is a great way to deal with problems where you simply don't have access. In fact it's one of the only ways to deal with such problems unless you want to call a plumber. Simply follow the instructions and remember to be careful because many of these products are highly corrosive.

With many different types of drain unblockers on the market today, you really can spend a small fortune on chemicals that promise to fix your blocked drains. However, before you go and spend a fortune remember that perhaps one of the best drain unblockers is common sense, hot water and a wire coat hanger! When these methods fail, drain unblocker is often a great last resort before calling the plumber.

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