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Unblock Drains Birmingham

Finding a company to help with drainage problems is now easier than ever with lots of firms offering services to unblock drains. Birmingham is somewhere that, due to the size of the city, has a healthy selection of drain companies.

Finding a company

Companies can be found a number of ways; the internet is a good place to start with many firms offering their services on their own websites, this can give you a chance to see exactly what they offer and the experience they have to unblock drains. Birmingham local press in another good way, classified sections and adverts throughout local papers my lead you to a company worth hiring. The Yellow Pages of Thomson Local will have dedicated sections with dozens of drain specialists.


Once you have found a company, give them a phone call and explain the situation to get a rough estimate of how much it will cost. If they have a call out charge for them coming to view the blockage avoid them as this could be costly, there a numerous companies out there that can offer to come to your address free of charge. Look out for companies who offer you free estimates as they can give you an idea how much you could be paying free of charge.

If you have an emergency picking a local company could be best, find out what area they are coming from first if they have a advert saying `we can unblock drains, Birmingham.' But they are nowhere near to where you are based in could take them a while to get to you. Some companies can be with you within one hour in emergencies, the closer the better.

Beware of companies that charge hourly or do not include VAT, if it is a big job to be undertaken it could end up costing you hundreds more than it should, there are plenty of companies that provide no hidden costs with their work.

Doing it yourself

It may be that it is only a small blockage to be taken care of and you will be able to do the job yourself with the right equipment. There are a number of products on the market to unblock drains. Birmingham has plenty of local and chain hardware stores that can sell all the tools for the job. Once again the internet and local publications can be beneficial in helping you find a store near to you.


Here is a list of some of the best companies that offer the services to unblock drains. Birmingham area:
  • React Fast- They have full drainage services across Birmingham as-well as Wolverhampton, Coventry, West Bromwich, Warwick and surrounding areas.
  • Drain Tech- Cater to all types of drainage problems and have 24/7 emergency call out facilities.
  • Blocked Drains Birmingham- They can provide drain unblocking, drain jetting, drain cleaning and blocked drain services as-well drain repair and replacing.
  • Birmingham Drain Services- They are a family business and offer all kind of drainage work throughout the area at competitive prices.

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