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Unblock Drains Naturally

Having a blockage in your drainage system can be a hard time for many families. Some people cannot afford to purchase expensive tools to do the job or pay the call out charges that plumbers and drainage companies charge. Parents of young children may not want to run the risk of having dangerous chemicals in the house where kids are. Whatever the reason there are ways to unblock drains naturally using different techniques.

Hot water

When trying to unblock drains naturally, the first method to try is probably the most obvious but can in a lot of cases be the most affective, hot water. Sometimes the blockage may be caused by a build-up of gunk or fatty deposits in these cases boiling the kettle and pouring hot water in to the drain can remove the blockage and save money in the process.

Baking Soda

Pouring baking soda in to the drain when used with regular household vinegar can be a good way to unblock drains naturally. By pouring vinegar into the drain first followed by the baking soda creates a fizzing effect and bubbles up removing blockages and cleaning pipes on its way down. You can repeat the steps until blockage is removed. This can also be a good way of preventing blockages, if used once a month or so if will keep pipes free from obstruction. Lemon juice can also be used as a substitute for vinegar, creating the same effect and the same results. A quarter of a cup of each item should do the trick.

Removing pipe

This is the dirty way of doing things but can be useful. If you have located the area of the blockage you can remove the piece of pipe where the blockage is a physically remove it. This could be clogged up hair or a build-up of food. Have a bucket handy to catch any excess water and a pair of rubber gloves to handle the pipe.


Although it may take a bit of man power, the good old wooden handled plunger can in a lot of cases still be the best method to unblock drains naturally. The way in which they work is to create compression when pressed down and suction when released, this done constantly with force can be extremely affective in dislodging a blockage. This method can remove even the toughest of obstructions.

Coat hanger

Using an old wire coat hanger stretched out can be used to unblock drains naturally in the way that a drain rod or drain snake would. Unravel the coat hanger and place it in to the drain, in you locate the blockage it may be pushed and prodded until removed, of course there may be times when a coat hanger isn`t long enough to reach the obstruction.

Bottle brush

A flexible bottle brush can be placed in to a removed pipe to remove the obstruction; it can also be used to clean any pieces of pipe for easier flow in the future.

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