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Unblock Drains Products

There are a number of unblock drains products on the market to make clearing any obstructions to sinks, baths, toilets and basin drains easier. Having a blockage to any drain can cause bad odours and standing water these products are widely available from local hardware stores.


The regular plunger is still a great way to clear blockages to drains; it does require a bit of elbow grease but when applied correctly can force even the toughest obstructions to be dislodged. They can be picked from any hardware stores for just a couple of pounds.

Drain Rods

Drain rods can be an excellent to search around inside the drain pipe or manholes making them, one of the handiest unblock drains products available. They are thin flexible rods which come in one meter lengths that can be attached to together to create the length required to reach the blockage. If the obstruction in the pipe can`t be removed using just the pipe there are several attachments that can be added to help. Adding the worm screw to the end of the rod can work through the blockage by breaking it down, if the blockage is still in effect or can`t be felt due to it being to soft, then adding the plunger to the end would be the next step. The force of the plunger will remove most blockages.

Power Plunger

The power plunger does the same job as a regular plunger but with a lot more force and with less manual work for the user making it one of the better unblock drains products. It is designed to look similar to a gun with a plunger attachment on the end. It works by placing the plunger over the blockage and using the handle to pump it up, once it is fully pumped then the trigger is pressed releasing all of the built up compressed air. The force of the air will dislodge or break the blockage clearing the drain.

Water Injector

As far as unblock drains products go the water injector has a high success rate in removing even the most stubborn obstructions, it is also easy to use which is an added bonus for the user. You place the water injector in to a sink or bowl of water, then fill the injector up by pulling up on the handle in the way you would with a syringe. Once filled the water injector over the plughole and push down hard on the handle and pull up again, this forces all of the water down the drain at great speed removing any blockage in the process.


An aerosol is another clever one of the unblock drains products available, It works by blast air (or liquid depending on which kind you buy) down the drain pipe, the pressure of the aerosol works to force any blockage to be dislodged. The downside to aerosols in that they can run out quickly and you may only get a couple of goes per can.

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