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Unblocking Drains Naturally

If you are suffering from a blocked drain it can be a bit of a nightmare, especially the thought of having to pay for a company to come to your home or spend money on expensive solutions. Fortunately there are a number of methods that can be used for unblocking drains naturally.

Hot water

This is something can be applied to unblocking drains naturally; it is also something that not a lot of people try before running out buying tools or chemicals. Boiling the kettle and pouring the boiling water down the blocked drain pipe can sometimes melt away any thing that is causing obstruction. Of course it won`t work all of the time but it is easily done and costs no money to give it a try.


A lot of us already have plungers around the house especially for occasions such as blocked drains. If you don`t already have a plunger one can be picked up at a reasonable price. Plungers are a really effective way of removing obstructions, even the most stubborn ones, the compression and suction created by the plunger creates great force which dislodges items. They are really useful on any toilet drainage problems

Removing the U Bend

If your blockage is in the kitchen sink, sometimes it can be caused by something built- up or stuck in the U bend. One method of unblocking drains naturally is to remove the U bend, this is not the best smelling job of cleanest but it could save handling harmful chemicals or spending money on call outs. Before removing the pipe, make sure you have towels to hand to mop up any excess water that may spill. Once the U bend is removed clean out the obstruction and wash away any dirt or grime around the sides of the pipe. Whilst the pipe is removed clean any pieces of food or debris that maybe around the plug hole.

Vinegar and baking soda

If you happen to have a bottle of vinegar (lemon juice can also be used) and some baking soda in your cupboards then teaming these ingredients together can be a really useful formula for unblocking drains naturally. Pouring about a quarter of a cup of vinegar in to the drain immediately followed by baking soda creates a fizzing sensation that bubbles up through the pipe and cleans away any grease, oils or fatty deposits in the drain; it can also work to break any of these fats down. This is also a good method to prevent blockages if used a few times throughout the year to keep your pipes clean.

Earth Enzymes

Earth Enzymes is very useful for unblocking drains naturally; it is vegan friendly and made up of bacteria and enzymes that can break down any food, grease and hair. It is suitable for use with septic tanks also. You simply pour the mixture in to the drain and allow it to work for a while, after that it is flushed away easily with hot water.

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