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Unblocking Drains Equipment

Nowadays drainage problems can be fixed one way or another. There is a whole range of products widely available for unblocking drains; equipment can be purchased for major and local hardware stores across the country as well as on the internet. No matter what the blockage there will be a tool or chemical available.


You will know you have a blockage when water is standing in the sink, not flushing away properly or there is a really bad sewage type smell coming from the drain. There are a number of methods and tools that can be tried when unblocking drains. Equipment such as the following:
  • Plunger- A plunger should always be tried before any other expensive items. A lot of people already own a plunger and if not they can be picked up for a small cost. The force created by a plunger is enough to dislodge blockages in a lot of cases.
  • Drain Rods- These can be picked up for as little as 4 from plumbing suppliers and hardware stores and they are useful in locating obstructions and unblocking drains. Equipment called drain snakes are also useful working in much the same way. Drain rods are small flexible rods that can be attached together to create a longer length. Their flexibility means that they can be easily inserted in to pipes to find and remove blockages. They also have attachments such as; plungers, worm screws and brushes to help clear drains.
  • Water Injector- This is a very good tool with good success rates. It is used by standing the injector in a pool of water and pulling the lever to fill it up with water, in the same way you would use a syringe. Once full the handle is then pushed down to force high pressured water into the drain.
  • Jet Sprayers- Jet sprayers or jet washers are highly beneficial for unblocking drains. Equipment such as this can be a little more expensive than other tools but they can get the job done almost every time. They are especially useful when used on exterior drain blockages. The high pressure water from the machine is enough to force any blockage to be removed from the drain.


Chemicals can also be an effective way of unblocking drains, equipment and tools such as those above may require physical effort and chemicals only require the need to be able to pour them into the drain. They can be dangerous to use and care should be taken at all times, you should also wear protective clothing. Chemicals work by being poured in to the blocked drain and left to work in breaking down the blockage, the ingredients in drain cleaning chemicals make them capable of breaking down almost anything causing obstruction. Once they have been left to work they are simply flushed away with hot water. Some of the best chemicals are:
  • One Shot Drain Cleaner
  • Storm Drain Cleaner
  • Jeyes Fluid
  • Mr Muscle Sink and Drain Gel
  • Caustic Soda

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