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How To Unblock a Sink

Unblocking a sink is really easier than many people think. Usually when a sink gets blocked it's because of a build-up of foodstuffs or grease, and a blocked sink is a problem that gradually gets worse, eventually to the point where water simply will not flow. If you're looking how to unblock a sink, then it's actually really easy, and with just a few tools you can have water once again flowing freely.

The secret of how to unblock a sink is never to let it get blocked up in the first place! Prevention is much better than cure, so make a point to flush your sink with boiling water and caustic soda once every 3 6 months. This helps break up foodstuffs and grease, ensuring that your sink isn't going to get blocked. It's a cheap and effective preventative measure that anyone can do without being an expert in how to unblock a sink.

If however, you're already suffering from a blockage, then what you'll need how to unblock a sink is a wire coat hanger and also a plunger. If water is still stuck in the sink, then start by using the plunger to create a vacuum and break up the blockage. If this fails, unravel the wire coat hanger and use it as a probe. It's surprisingly one of the most effective tools when it comes to breaking up deposits that simply will not disperse.

If the problem will still not resolve itself then there are countless chemicals available which can help you how to unblock a sink. However, many are highly corrosive, so one of the best alternatives is to instead dismantle the U bend or P trap, as once you've poured these cleaners down the sink; you have to be really careful.

One of the biggest secrets about how to unblock a sink is that taking the U bend or P trap apart is really simple. All you need is a large empty bucket, some tools, and suitable protective gloves. Essentially, the U bend is connected to the drainpipe of the sink, and it's this drainpipe where all the problems are.

With the bucket underneath the sinks drainpipe, the best way how to unblock a sink drainpipe is dismantle the U bend or P trap and using a wire coat hanger to try and loosen the blockage. When you finally get the blockage to free, It'll be unpleasant, but ensuring the drain pipe is clear is essential and doing so will most likely fix the problem. It's then a simple case of washing everything and reattaching the U bend, checking for leaks and then washing your hands thoroughly.

Unblocking a sink isn't always pretty. However, when attempting how to unblock a sink for yourself, you'll save a fortune when compared with hiring a plumber. With just a few tools, that cost can be under 10 and you'll be able to fix a whole variety of drain and sink blockages yourself, saving an absolute fortune.

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