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Unblock Drains

To anybody that has experienced it a blocked drain can be a real nightmare, it can happen without any prior notice any time of the day or night. If your drainage system has a blockage of any sort it can cause repugnant smells throughout the whole house or in the worst cases cause flooding in kitchens or bathrooms. Fortunately in a lot of cases this can be fixed or prevented fairly easily and there are a lot of methods out there to unblock drains connected to sinks, basins, toilets and showers.

Preventing Blockage

Taking steps to prevent blockage is certainly the easiest way to not have to unblock drains, blockages are a lot of the time caused by human intervention. Stopping the problem from happening in the first place is always better than the cure. Simple tasks such as removing hair from bath and shower plug holes after you have bathed can be a huge help as hair being stuck in drainpipes is a common cause of blockage. Making sure to place any small objects away from the toilet bowl in case anything happens to fall in is another easy step as is not flushing any larger objects such as nappies and sanitary towels, these can quite often become lodged in the drain and cause blockage. Pouring fats and grease into the kitchen sink in something we commonly do without thinking, cooking fats can clog up the drainage system and cause blockage. By regularly pouring hot water along with disinfectant into your drains you can help to keep them running smooth.

Tools to Unblock Drains

Should you discover a blockage in one of your drainage pipes there are a lot of tools out there than can help to solve the problem, they are widely available in local hardware stores.
  • Drain Rods can be extremely useful as they are very flexible and can be used to prod and poke around inside the drain to find the blockage. They come in one meter lengths and can be attached to create the size you need. Handy attachments such as a worm screw or a plunger can be fixed to the end of the rod to help remove the cause of the blockage.
  • Plunger the most widely used tool to remove blockage in drains and still one of the most affective. They work by creating compression as you push down and suction upon release, dislodging the blockage in the process.
  • Aerosols that blast air or liquid into drain to remove blockage through force of pressure. There are of course many other tools available to you. There is also a range of chemicals that can be used to unblock drains they are poured in to the drain, left to work for a period of time and flushed away with hot water, these can be helpful and easily used be precautions should be taken when used.


    Should you be unable to succeed there a lot of companies out there that are specialists and can unblock drains hassle free for a reasonable fee.

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